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Watercolour Bookmarks

Mum will never lose her page again!
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Mum will never lose her page again! This idea is a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, as well as a great introduction to using watercolour!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Brilliant Watercolour Designer Series Discs

  • Micador For Artists Rains Watercolour Paper

  • Roku Brush

  • Revolution Brushes

  • Masking Tape/Artists Tape

  • HB Pencil

  • Paper Towel

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

Step 1: Measure and tape!

Using your ruler measure out a rectangle 18 x 6cm. Use masking tape to border the rectangle, this will help you achieve crisp edges and help you with guidelines.

Tip: To prevent the tape from sticking to the paper, stick it to a cloth surface a few times and it will become less sticky.

Step 2: Sketch!

Sketch! Use a HB pencil to lightly map out an outline of your flowers, fruit, or dessert theme.

Tip: Erase as much of the graphite as possible prior to painting so it doesn’t smudge when you add water.

Step 3: Paint!

When it’s time to start painting think about the direction you want your light source to come from. This will inform you on where you will need to build up pigment (for darker areas) and water down pigment (for lighter areas).

Step 4: Finishing Touches!

Once the paint is dry, peel back the tape and cut your bookmark out. It is now ready to gift! Optional: Hole punch the top corner and add a ribbon.