Micador | Picture Varnish Mat.

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Acid Free Acid Free

Designed in Australia. Manufactured in Australia.

• High quality clear varnish with a non-reflective mat finish.
• Water-like clarity that will not yellow with age.
• Retains flexibility.
• May be removed with gentle solvent making restoration easy.



CLASS: Final Varnish

USAGE: Permanent matt protection for acrylic and oil paintings, pastel, charcoal, chalk, pencil drawing and ceramic stains. Dries in seconds to a matt finish that can be worked over. Will not alter technique or affect surface of the finest art papers or boards. Does not curl or buckle thin papers. Ensures a cleaner drawing and makes it possible to safely apply one medium over another. 

APPLICATION: Make sure surface is clean and oil paint is dry before applying (for oil paintings, this could be as much as 6-9 months). Hold can 20-25 cm from surface and spray in a side to side motion overspraying at each side, then turn work around and cross spray. Spray is best applied when can is held at a 45º angle to object.


For more information: view our Understanding Aerosols video and flyer which covers the complete range.

Average rating for Micador For Artists Picture Varnish - Mat
5.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.

This makes finishing off my artworks so easy by Maggi McDonald on 03 Jul 2018 11:23am

I love your aerosol spray varnishes - they make finishing off my artworks so easy and I love that I have the option of matte or satin. I teach workshops and have been showing my students how to use the varnish when they are finishing off their artworks at home. You can see the varnish in action on my Instagram: @maggimcdonaldart

Indispensable for my watercolor work by Cindy Lane (@cindylaneart) on 03 Jul 2018 11:06am

Ideal to use to fix layers of different media types, as well as a final protective coating. The matt spray is indispensable for my watercolor work.

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