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Acid Free Acid Free

Designed in Australia. Manufactured in Australia.

• Professional standard - quickly bonds many different surfaces including paper, cardboard, photos, fabric, wood, metal and glass.
• Clear, non-yellowing coverage.
• Stays tacky to allow repositioning.
• Permanent (spray both surfaces prior to bonding) or temporary (spray one surface only).
• Acid free so will not harm material.




CLASS: Glue 

USAGE: Multi-purpose, clear adhesive for permanent and repositionable mounting. Non-yellowing and acid free. Quickly bonds paper, cardboard, photographs, felt, cork, foil and plastic film to similar materials or to wood, metal or glass. Will not wrinkle, lump or stain. Note: Do not use with foamcore board.


  • For Temporary Bonds: Spray one surface lightly and allow adhesive to set for 3 minutes, then press together.
  • For Permanent Bonds: Spray both surfaces generously, allow to become tacky then press together using a rubber roller to press out any captive air.


For more information: view our Understanding Aerosols video and flyer which covers the complete range.

Average rating for Micador For Artists Spray Adhesive
5.0 out of 5 based on 1 user review.

Works on any type of surface by Maggi McDonald on 03 Jul 2018 11:24am

I love the spray adhesive for when I'm creating mood boards for design projects as it works on any type of surface and is much easier to use than messy glues or tapes. You can see it in action over at my Instagram: @maggimcdonaldart

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