Picture Varnish

By Micador For Artists


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  • High quality, clear gloss varnish for oil and acrylic painting.
  • Water-like clarity that will not yellow with age.
  • Retains flexibility- will not become brittle with age.
  • May be removed with gentle solvent making restoration easy.
  • Designed in Australia. Manufactured in Australia.
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CLASS:  Final Varnish 

USAGE: Permanent gloss protection for acrylic and oil paintings, pastel, charcoal, chalk, pencil drawing and ceramic stains. Dries in seconds to a matt finish that can be worked over. Will not alter technique or affect surface of the finest art papers or boards. Does not curl or buckle thin papers. Ensures a cleaner drawing and makes it possible to safely apply one medium over another. 

APPLICATION: Make sure surface is clean and oil paint is dry before applying (for oil paintings, this could be as much as 6-9 months). Hold can 20-25 cm from surface and spray in a side to side motion overspraying at each side, then turn work around and cross spray. Spray is best applied when can is held at a 45 degree angle to object.